"I've never seen this before."  Five words no one should ever have to hear from a doctor.  The fear and frustration that follows cannot be easily explained.  I heard those words from my doctors regarding the hundreds of small abnormalities showing on my brain MRI and I thought my life was over.   
How would you respond?  What would you do?  What if it was your Spouse?  Your Parent? Your Child?
I chose to fight! 
While fighting one of the rarest Neurological Autoimmune Diseases on planet Earth, I chose to beat not only my disease, but to help the millions of others that are all fighting their own battles.
Team Lucky Seven was born out of the idea that by working together we can accomplish so much more.

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* Team Lucky Seven, Inc. is a tax exempt 501(c)3 private foundation.  Please consult your tax advisor for your specific situation, Team Lucky Seven, Inc does not offer tax or legal advice.

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